Standard canapé
Min no. 48

Pork and chicken liver parfait with cranberry
Avocado and prawn
Pepper salsa and goats cheese
Prawn vol-au-vents


Chic style canapé
Min no. 48

Smoked salmon with tzatziki , trout egg and chive cream cheese on mini blini
Mozzarella cheese, cherry tomato and pesto on tomato bread
Polenta with Coppa fine Italian ham and pesto
Guacamole and crab meat mini blini
Garlic turkey and chicken mousse with mint and cherry tomatoes on rye bread
Mini brioche topped with cottage cheese and smoked trout


Bistro style canapé
Min no. 35

Crayfish and beetroot on lemon cake
Prawn with sesame on mini brioche
Cream brie with roasted fig on a beetroot waffle
Goats cheese and semi dried cherry tomatoes with asparagus on mini blini
Choux pastry with smoked salmon, cheese and trout eggs


Gourmet canapé
Min no. 45

Cheese, smoked salmon and lemon blini
Cheese, basil and prawn on spinach bread
Crab, cucumber and trout egg poppyseed profiterole
Cheese, horseradish and crayfish on lemon basil cake
Bresaola, mustard, honey and sesame seeds on black bread
Cherry tomato, goats cheese and pecan nuts on walnut bread
Courgette and mini red pepper on tomato bread
Comte cheese, dried apricot and almond poppyseed profiterole
Peach, blue cheese and hazelnuts on spiced bread


 If there is anything specific you would like and don’t see it listed above then please get in touch and we can try and replicate it. Prices start from £1 per canapé.

​Please contact us via phone or email for a quotation