Quality ingredients are the very foundations upon which we have built our name and reputation.   

All of the meat we use is free range. From our extremely popular Hott Mess hog roast to the more specialised Gaucho style barbecue.  

Here at Hott Mess we only use locally sourced and free range meat because we believe it tastes better, it supports our local businesses and we know exactly where it comes from.

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Hott Mess Street Food Company

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​​As big food lovers ourselves we think that great street food shouldn't be exclusive. Hott Mess attends local farmers markets and food festivals as well as catering for small parties, weddings and corporate events large and small.  We never provide any food that we wouldn't happily pay for ourselves. We believe strongly that quality food should be available to all so we ensure that we always provide the fairest possible quotes tailored to your specific needs.


"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food."

We are a family run street food and event catering company specialising in free range and locally sourced spit roasted, wood smoked and barbecued meats.  We have built a reputation for creating big, bold and flavourful food.  We have always had a passion for real food made from real ingredients, coupled with our love of travel and inspired by street food from far out places we formed Hott Mess to offer and refine these flavours back here in Blighty.